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Everyday that I spend with you is the new best day of my life.

So, this is love.

5/3/10 12:40 am - Please.

Please, I don't want to feel this way anymore. I don't wanna hurt anymore, please.. no more :(

4/14/10 12:20 pm - Thanks bb.

"Hey, I'll drop you 5 bucks to drive Meg home tonight" means so much to me.

3/28/10 02:04 pm - Wowowewah!

John Nonan :)

What can I say, you the best.
Can't get enough. Let's do thisssss.

12/24/09 02:26 pm - Well, tomorrow is Christmas :)

The break has been wonderful so far,
and I love my friends with my life.


know the dill!

9/15/09 11:00 pm - Summer 09

 Highlights of Summer 09

Sherkston. (June 25 - June 29)

"10 for food + 20 for weed + 15 for the cottage + 22 for screamers + 10 for gas + 10 for drinks = 77 dollars. (yn) dont get mad mom!"
"Currently packing :) re: jo picking us up at 10 30 tomoro -_-"
"At Jv's with everyone :)"
"Downtown Niagra."

Sherkston is what I refer to as the beginning of a great summer :) Getting to Sherkston Shores was one of our biggest problems (Joseph, Melvin, Ray and I getting into a car accident and having to fit us in the 3 other cars!) but of course, we pulled through. When we got there, we just chilled, placing dibs on where we were sleeping, blazing (of course, lmao), ate! (coz we're always fucken hungry), blazed some more, and rode on the golf cart! haha. Our first night, we all got fucking blem and drunk as fuck! Oh, and we got a picture of john almost naked. HAHA. Second day, everyone woke up either mad late or mad early (i don't remember which one) from our hangovers haha. Then we did some wake and bake ;) We basically chilled the whole day since everyone is mad laze. Next day, explored Downtown Niagra =) and stayed with Ray joe and zierweeezy haha. For better or worse, I was forced to stay another night because Jv had a problem with his brakeline (N) so stayed another night with some of the boys + trina and krizzz. Finally got home on the 29th, great weekend w/ everyone <3

Chilling with Michael and Rachel, my 2 good friends :) (June 30)
"Yo you blem-az! Aka rutledge and rachel here! Haha"
"Lol ... I ACTUALLY had a good time with michael and rachel last night. :)"

Ruts and Ray came over (along with Frenello). Nello dropped us to Mcdonalds and we bought our mealskis. Walking home from Mcdonalds, we bunned up (while walking ahaha), bunned up some more behind food basics ahah, then chilled back at my place. Nothing special, I just love those 2 fools :)

Great Wolf Lodge. (July 1 - July 2)
"Miniputting with my sister and cousins =p"
"Me and daddy are officially friends again. :)"
"Actually having a good time here with my family."

Back to Niagra, but with my family this time. It was good spending time with them, I hadn't been giving them as much attention as I should have. Miniputting w/ my sister and the cousins was fun, but I got last place =( LMAO. Plus, watching obsessed with the fam was fun, haha! These guys are soft though, they thought it was scary lmao. My mom went all out, getting the biggest room in the whole place, which consisted of 2 floors! haha she's nuts but I love her. My dad and I weren't on such good terms for the longest time, but after spending time together in GWL, I was daddy's girl again =) I love my family. <3

Jackastors. (July 3)
"jacks with the guys. Haven't blzd since tuesday, haha back at it again."
"Just got home from another successful illegal night =p thanks Melvs. Ps i love and got you kyle credo!"

This day wasn't really anything special. It was just the day I got back from Niagra, and to celebrate (kind of =P) we all spent the night at jacks :) I never really realized just how much I loved the group. I was only gone for 3 days, and as soon as I got home I was already out of the house again to see the guys. After seeing and spending every day with each other, and living together for a weekend at Sherkston, we became so attached to each other. It was nice seeing everyone again. Also, I realized that the group blazes too much, aha (even though i'd say there's no such thing as too much blazing!). But it's just one of our ways of bonding. There's nothing better than the whole group bunning up, and having REAL talks <3 PS. Kyle and I had the best talk =)

Krizia's Barbeque. (July 4)
"hotboxed melvin's car last night with john kyle trina melvs and aaron ahahah so fun. ps my mom better give me my phone back :@"
Krizia's BBQ :) Thanks Kriz. The group headed over to Krizia's (i was grounded booo i remember haha) except Jo and Rayray =( Ate tons. Krizia has the nicest room! Late night talks with the group, and then John came with the Piff haha. Hotboxed Melvin's car all squished, and those cupcakes were super awesome munchies!

JC's sister's birthday party :) (July 5)
"Had SUCH a great day @ joe's :) me and ray own at signal holy shit. partners for life yo. ps it feels good to be home early today dunno why!"
It was Joseph's sister's 20 something birthday, thanks for inviting us over jojo <3 Played signal with the group in the basement for hours, and Slap jack! hahaha, me and ray were slacking in the beginning, but eventually we won (no thanks to those cheaters melvin and jv and neil and ryan LOL). Fucking fun ass day <3 and got home early for school the next day! haha.

Melvin's haircut. (July 6)
"Went to get Melvs haircut :) Haha"
Haha, well it wasn't too special. But me and ray were REALLY excited to go with Melvin to finally get his hair cut! We drove deep into Markham, and then Melvs cut his cut =) Surprisingly it was nice, so we couldn't make too much fun of him! LOL. We drove back to Melvs place, then he let us gel his hair before his shower! LOOL, omg so much fun! And then, Jojo "skateboarded" to melvins? LMAO. So me melvs and ray pretended to be asleep and trick Joseph =) but he caught us coz he's tooooo smart =( bahahah <3

Sev + Valdez + Bri + Ray + Meg (July 8)
"YAY sev Valdez and bri are here :) 3 of my favourite people =)"
"Sev albert libramonte <3"
"Good fucking day."
Afterschool, bussed to Rachel's with Valdez and Bribri :) Then Sev came after. Obv, it was a great day. Not much to say, we missed our Mary Ward friends and had a great time with them :) LOL, oh yeah. Me and Rachel doublerided on her bike that isn't meant for doubleriding LMAOOOO. And we watched Panic Room till 1 in the morning and fell asleep and missed the ending =( ahaha

Michael Rutledge's day (July 9)
"Going to rutledge's today aka free piff aka gonna be a good day aka i better do my hw on the subway."
"Sky high with ruts haha. Cuz its something you do ... That got me walking on the moon! (8)"
"Now that i'm sober and fully awake. Imma start my hw. :) ps michael sleeping over"
"LOL. You're so fucking ugly Michael. Anyways, its 2:52 am ... I'm starting my hw. Rutz is passed out on the couch currently. Whatta baby haha."

July 9 was Michael Rutledge day! Surprisingly excited, bussed the 129a to Town. Took the RT to Kennedy, and then took the subway to Castlefrank! Surprisingly didn't have to wait very long for the 94 to Parliament and then skipped all the way up the elevator! hahaha. Whitey taught me how to roll for the first time (my hands were shaky and i sucked) aha, then we bunned up in the staircase, then for munchies ruts bought us a large pizza :D surprisingly we ate all of it!, napped of course, then woke up. Haha, when we woke up, we bunned up again! bought arizona from the jamestown store :) and bussed home sleeping. Got home, ate some more, napped, woke up at 5 to do my hw LOL (thanks for not helping out ruts, you deep sleeper). After our succesful sleepover, dad dropped him off at mccowan and then went to school :)

Tiffany's Jam + Sleepover with trapezoid minus kyle credo (July 10)
"Party @ rich girl's house. LOL sick... Piff? :) sleeping over at Melvs today with ray and joe <3"
"Drunkaz blemaz loc ;)"
"Lol sleepover at Melvin's last night with ray and joseph :)"
Finally, it was Friday haha. I have to admit on behalf of the group, we were all excited to go to a rich girl's jam! hahah, aka we didn't have to bring drinks! lmao. It was sick wid it :) Andrew was sexy as usual (LMFAOOO omgggg stfu right now rachel), and the girls were so nice to us :) biggest/prettiest house ever!! Got drunk/blem as fuck, and hotboxed William's van (Sick wid it!) and those cupcakes were the best munchies EVER. Left after we all passed out, and ray, melv, jo, and i slept over at melvin's =) Woke up early (around 7 LOL) so I woke up Melvin to feed me, and then we jumped on Ray and Joe (they weren't happy) LOL. Then we played mario kart for an hour then went back to sleep. :)

Ryan Villadar's Jam (July 22)
"That party last night was awfully crazy (8) .. shieeeeet."
"Worst hangover. EVER."

LOL omggggg. Haha, So it's wednesday night, me and ray SHOULD be doing hw, but ... we couldn't turn down a jam with the group, even if it was on a school night. Fucking got fucked as shit ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Melvin drove us home, DRUNK :@ lol, fucking shittt man! But he's in control so it's all good. Got home lateeee like fucking 3? lol, fucking school night too. And had the worst hangover at school the next day! the WORST. And spent the day writing an essay too LOL that was due the next day but oh well! That party last night was awfully crazy ;) Its ok Ray, we're g's ;)

Ugly Truth + Baking at Cass' (July 28)
"Nearly done school. :) Sickaz loc! Ugly truth after school :)"
Watched the ugly truth afterschool at town with the boys (duh because its tuesday and we're cheap!) and we ran to get good seats! good job  guys =) it was a great movie. After, reached wendy's cuz we're always fucking hungry haha. Justin called up Cass, and we reached her house after and ate her baked banana bread for days! it was amazing =) and watched gothika aka scary! hahaha

Drive-in Movie @ Newmarket (July 31)
"Melv ryan a.t Nello justin joe and rayray here :)"
"With the boys reaching a drive through movie! Sick :) sorry rayray see you later bebe! <3"
"Lol with joe at the drive in movie watching harry potter and then orphan sick!"
"3 in the morning and we're in new market what the fuck? Ps orphan is a fucked up but good movie! Shieet."

The group came over because they wanted me to show them all their fb stalkers! LMAOO LOOOOOSERS. Chilled at home, then headed to New Market to watch a drive in movie (Melvin's idea. He was feeling nice after winning big at the casino the night before LOL). Watched HP with Jojo haha :) then orphan with everyone for the 2nd movie, oh maaaaan fucked up movie! very good though. Reached Mcdonalds, then Jv's after to meet up with everyone else.

My Sisters keeper + w/ the 4 boys (Aug 4)
"W kim Jv and rayray at town haha wtf are we doing here?"
"With ray and our 3 fave boys :) kyle melv and john =D"
"Home w the 3 boys and ray <3"

Town w/ Jv and Kim, waiting for the others to show up. Met up w/ rayray and the 4 of us had to save Andrew and pick up all his drugs after his car accident 8-) That's why you don't drive high! Watched my sister's keeper with my girls Kimbo and Ray and John ;) ahaha, john dipped cuz he couldn't take it LMAOO what a loser. Met up with everyone else later. Walked home from mccowan and shep in the fucking pouring rain but it's okay becuz i was with ray john melv and kyle <3 Bunned up on the way home, haha. Then when we got to my house, john showed us his lovers on fb ;) ahaha

Jv's Jam (Aug 7)
"Wtf happenned tonight?"
"Oh FUCK .."
"Just got home thanks Jv."

Um yeah, LOL. So me and ray were stranded at my house. John was gunna give us a ride to Jv's, but thankfully my poppadukes always got my bizzack and drove us :) Awkward. LOL. Umm, drank a bit, smoke a bit ... One thing led to another and. Yeah. Ended up crashing at Jv's and got a ride in the morning! Who knew that night would change my fucking life LMAO. (N) But it was a good party!

Sleepover @ Aly's (Aug 12 - Aug 13)
"@ Aly's sleeping w rach padua a.t and Jv"
"Still @ Aly's FUCK lol. Jv is knocked out!"
"Woke up Aly's ... What tha fuck!"
"Still @ Aly's"
"finally home! =) fun day with @
_chellzjugo and @a_lysssa bahahaha"
Lol, probably one of the best 2 days of the summer! Slept over @ aly's with Padua, Jv, Rayray, and A.t! Oh man. Allnighter, and coffee for me and a.t haha. Spent the night talking about the boys "Scrap" LMAO, giving out massages, and watching porn (the guys at least, lame!). In the morning, ray and i started up Aly's laptop and opened the sims. Woke up Aly, ate (thanks to aly's pops!), and then played sims for literally one WHOLE day. The most fun i've had in ages, fucking love those girlies.

Swimming @ Dale's w/ the cuzzos (August 16)
"10 IN THE MORNING.. playing poker. LOL, swimming at dale's after church! =)"
Basically, got to chill with a few of my favourite cousins aka gabi and taylor! swimming at dale's is ALWAYS the best. plus i get to tan ;)

Scary Stories with Aly and Ray! (August 17)
"Just got home. thanks guy .. and woowza got mad munchies right now! FUN DAY @ RACHELS <3"
Basically, aly and I went to Rachels. I biked actually! haha and aly bussed. She brought sims so we could play, but we ended up telling scary stories =( we went out for a smoke cuz we were so scurrrred, and then ran inside and watched haunting in conneticut. bad idea since we're such fucking babies! got scared even more! then went out with rachel's cousins and carlo to watch district 9. Got back to ray's, chilled with carlo and ak, and billed up! Thanks to me and my one-pape rolling skills ;) bwahahha

Stef's Jam (August 18)
"2 jr bacon cheeseburgers, medium fries, nestea for drink, and 2 pots of mr noodles. hoMYgah. oh yeah, home from stefs =)"
"Happy birthday @
stefanizzi !! <3"
Rachel and Ak reached my house, we just fb-ed haha we're so lame. Played lots of poker .. actually this was the day I introduced Ray to ebaumsworld poker LOL. Ak drove us to stef's jam. Basically chilled with Ray, Padua, AK, and Wes the whole party. Got blem as FUUUUCKKKKKKKKKK thanks to the budbomb of course haha that thing works wonders, ate so much at Wendy's yo!

Biking + Sleepover @ ray's with caj! (August 19)
"stillllll playing poker .. wow! @ 6 30 going biking aronud with @_chellzjugo =)"
"sleeping over at @
_chellzjugo 's place tonight =) yay"
"@ rays. sleeping over with ray and carlo! lol we're still up playing poker =P"

Went biking with rayray and jessica at night! hahaha, omggg too funny "lets meet halfway" LMFAOOOOO sooo jokes seeing each other on a bike. Lots and lots of poker =) and sleepover with caj! scary night!

Nathan's Jam (August 21)
""That party last night was awfully crazy, I wish we taped it" ... finally back home. last night = wtf"
"ps .. last night .. = wow. LOL. passed out at 3, but thanks to my cousin and aly for taking care of me!"
"but yo ... montreal KUSSSHHHHHHHHHH <3 .."
"after last night .. black guys = (y)(y) @
a_lysssa LOOL"
My cousin's jam was fucking bomb as fuck! Even ask aly ;) hahaha, black guys are sick wid it and can get da bidniz ;) Got drunk/blem as fuck, and we ended up crashing there! haha not much to say but ... MONTREAL KUSH .. AND DAGGER DAGGER DAGGA DAGGGGA LMAO

Date w/ aly + Kim's jam (August 22)

"was just on a date with @a_lysssa ;) lawl."
"lol @
a_alysssa ... new record. chopped 3 times in 5 min aka took 30 steps literally haha"
a_lysssa and @_chellzjugo overrrr .."
"kims party tonight... -_-"
"Home early. Jam = ... ok cuz i got to see joe, john, kyle. missed u guys <3"

Aly took me on a date to eat chinese food ;) haaaaah, and before that we suffered from a horrible hangover. I fell asleep of course, thats what i do when im hungover! but this girl doesn't for some reason LMAOOOO. Rayray came over after, we had talks, plus fixed "the list" LMFAOO. Kimbo's birthday jam after, it was alright still. happy to see everyone.

Ottawa w the famski (Aug 24 - Aug 27)
"up in ottawa"
Basically, spent 3 days in Ottawa with the famski :) Spent lots of quality time, and went white water rafting! mad fun

Ryan Padua's Jam + Hangover(Aug 28-29)
"on the phone with kimbolee <3 semi-getting ready for tonight's jam"
Padua's jammmskii was alright, until the cops came. But the real party started after the cops left ;) haha, lucky i didn't get ticketed for all that dumb alcohol my sister bought me .. oh well it was free so s'all good! hahha, thanks ruts for blazing all 16 of us! lmao, biggest circle of weedheads i've ever been in. Crashed on the kitchen floor with rutledge, and woke up in Ryan's room don't know how i got there but it was way more comfortable! Woke up around 10? We all bussed to markham station :) ate and had a wonderful breakfast for only $5.64! Crashed at home with Ray and slept till 6 pm, crazy hangover!


5/27/09 11:25 pm - Tweets por today

  • 08:20 First day back to school since friday. I honestly feel like shit. Fuck school! AND i'm late. Ugh. #
  • 10:27 i need a s... yeah. Seriously. Fuck. #
  • 10:39 2nd period. Asemptote? Trigonometry. Sin cos tan. Fuck. Stretch. Compress. Translate. Fuck math. I'm going crazy. #
  • 14:53 What just happened. Lol SORRY Aly! Don't kill me i'm still fucking laughing! #
  • 19:42 Fucking tired. At home chilling with Alycat and watching one tree hill. #
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5/26/09 11:25 pm - Tweets por today

  • 12:45 So i just woke up #
  • 15:08 Shit. My math ISU is due on friday. Fuck man. #
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5/25/09 11:25 pm - Tweets por today

  • 20:03 i'm sick. this fuckin sucks #
  • 20:18 I'm testing this twitter thing. Maybe I'll start using this more if i learn to do from my phone #
  • 21:47 at home and its depressing. I miss michael today. #
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4/20/09 12:01 am - 15 =) =) =)

Spent the day with my boy for life Michael Rutledge.
You the fuckin' best. Thats all =)
<3 <3

4/8/09 12:59 am

Lol, I miss you rudeboy.

shiet =(
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